Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my picks?

Picks are posted each day inside the members area of our website at  The first time you sign-up you will create your own username and password and use this login to access the members area.

What time are picks usually posted?

Picks are generally posted by noon PST, however some times they may arrive slightly later due to last minute insider info.  On weekends and when there are early games during the week, picks are usually posted by 9am PST, especially during football season.  You will always be able to access picks in time to get your bets in.

How many picks will I receive each day?

This varies greatly.  Keep in mind, it is not the quantity of the picks but the quality.  We only release the absolute best bets each day from our insider network and then only when the bet makes sense given the spread.  On most days our premium picks will include 3-5 games and season packages may contain more or less depending on the number of games scheduled.

Are these really the same picks you bet yourself?

Yes.  These are the exact same picks that we play ourselves everyday right here in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada!  We always put our money where our mouth is.

Am I going to be contacted by some pushy sales person?

Absolutely not!  We are professional sports bettors first and foremost and unlike most other handicapping services, we do not employ a boiler room of high commission sales people.  We would rather spend our time and focus on analyzing games and spreads and working our network of insiders.  The rest of our time is spent taking care of you, our valued clients.